Our Values

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide the general public with a certified organic insect repellent that effectively wards off ticks, mosquitoes, flies, and fleas; to prevent the transmission of their respective ailments; and to eliminate the perceived need for toxic, synthetic repellents which are harmful to our body and our environment.

Our full product line includes insect repellent, sunscreen, deodorant, and liquid castile soap. All of our products are certified organic, utilitarian, affordable, anti-bacterial/fungal, and travel-size.


USDA Organic

USDA Organic certification is the gold seal for organic products with by far the strictest standards on the market. With our products there's no skimping here. Others may claim to be organic (or worse off, "natural" or "all-natural", which are meaningless marketing terms!), but a truly organic product needs to have the official USDA Organic seal. GMOs, none of those, cruelty-free, no synthetics or any weird junk that you don't know how to pronounce. Our ingredients, our facility, and our products are all certified USDA Organic.


Scientific Method

Our products are meticulously researched through peer-reviewed scholarly articles and research and are rigorously tested to ensure effective, synergistic chemistry from the ingredients that nature has provided. We steer clear of derivatives and isolated compounds, instead opting for whole ingredients. These are not hippy-dippy products; every one of our products is made with the care of a botanist and the diligence of a graduate student after intensive research to create the final product that you see at market.




Our products are intended to be readily available to everyone at economies of scale. We envision our personal care products to replace the common synthetic brands in your daily routines with equivalent volume products at equivalent pricing which are not only effective but healthy to use — actually healthier to use than not use due their aromatherapeutic properties. Every product will be at around $10, one Alexander Hamilton. You won't be dishing out any Jacksons here — unless you buy two.

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