Insect Repellent

Q: What does the USDA Organic symbol mean?
A: The symbol is the gold seal for organic certification and means that all of our ingredients, our manufacturing facility, and our final product are certified organic.

Q: Is the product pet-friendly?
A: Yes, our product also works well for dogs.

Q: Does the product contain DEET?
A: Nope, our product relies solely on certified organic oils and essential oils as the active ingredients.

Q: What are the ingredients?
A: Please see product page for the list of ingredients.

Q: Does the product stain clothing?
A: The oil base may stain some articles of clothing. We recommend applying our product directly to your skin at points of exposure, eg. neck, wrists, ankles, etc.

Q: How long does one application last and when should you reapply?
A: Our product protects for five hours straight, therefore you should reapply every five hours.

Q: Is the product safe for my skin?
A: No, our product is actually good for your skin, the same ingredients that ward off pests actually moisturize skin.

Q: Is your product safe for our environment?
A: No, our product has no harmful effects on the environment.

Q: Why is there a dragonfly on the bottle?
A: The dragonfly is the most effective predator in the animal kingdom, capturing 95% of its intended prey, including nasty wasps, flies, and mosquitoes.


Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, we do! International shipping rates apply.

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